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Organizing Tools

Organizing Tools

Outten & Golden Legal Resistance Task Force

Organizing Tools:

Southern Poverty Law Center’s guide:

Action Alliance: (a federated group of organizations sharing daily and weekly resistance actions)

Resistance Manual Home: (an open-sourced organizing platform providing information about Trump policies and actions you can take to combat them)

The 65: (dedicated to mobilizing the public to speak up to Congress)

Campaign Zero: (website providing resources to track legislation and hold your representative accountable)

What Do I Do About Trump?: (resource hub for people who want to take action on a variety of issues)

2 Hours A Week: (provides daily action items)

Jennifer Hofmann-Weekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience: (provides weekly action items)

Countable: (provides updates about bills passing through Congress and action steps to resist)

Five Minute Resistance: (provides acts of resistance that you can consistently incorporate in your life and identifies daily action items)

Take Action NYC: (tool for New Yorkers interested in participating in protests and political ations)

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